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Are Epcot Scavenger Hunts worth the time and money?

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Epcot is commonly known as the park most enjoyed by adults. With lots of unique eats and drinks around World Showcase and the lack of ever-present character theming, it's not usually the first place families with toddlers feel comfortable visiting. Trust me, Epcot with kids is definitely worth the visit and incorporating kid-friendly activities like the scavenger hunts can make Epcot days more fun for everyone.

Right now at Epcot, you can enjoy two different scavenger hunts around the park. One for the Flower and Garden Festival "Spike's Pollen-Nation Exploration 20221" which runs through July 5, 2021 and one for Easter "Eggstravaganza 2021" which only runs until April 16, 2021. We tried them both and are sharing our thoughts today on the hunt itself and if it’s worth your time.

You need to purchase a map to receive the completion prize and to fully play along. Maps can be purchased at Mouse Gear, Disney Traders or World Traveler at International Gateway. For $7.99 a map, it can feel a bit unnecessary to add it to your park day since you can find the items throughout the park without needing a map, but the completion prizes are cute and the experience is one kids and parents can enjoy together. Please know, these games are fun for adults to add to their park day with or without kids :)

The Easter Egg Hunt is slightly more enjoyable than the Flower and Garden Scavenger Hunt. There, I said it. I’m always going to be honest with you, and although both were fun, the F&G one took us to gardens that were a bit less fun for kids, but are definitely beautiful to enjoy while strolling through the showcase. The Easter Egg Hunt had you exploring each World Showcase pavilion searching for a hidden egg painted with a character face on it. It was super cute!

Michael and I had a lot of fun scouting the eggs so we could help Tallulah along on the hunt. I definitely look forward to doing it with her again next year!

Here are a few of our favorite hidden spots...

The experience is worth it, especially if you’re an Epcot regular. If you’re venturing into Epcot for the first time ever, I would vote to skip on these activities, because there are so many amazing pavilions to enjoy and experiences to take in, and adding this to your day could take away from that. So please, if you’re a first time Epcot adventurer, skip the scavenger hunt and take it all in... there’s soo much to see!

That being said, if you’re a local, a Passholder or an Epcot regular, totally give this a shot! It keeps the park experience fresh and gives you a chance to venture into areas you may not have traveled through in a while. It’s a really fun addition.

Kids can play a major role in the game. Like I said, Epcot has amazing food and drinks and not a ton of activities made specifically for kids to do, particularly in World Showcase. Honestly that element is kind of a bummer but also what makes Epcot super charming. I love that Tallulah can experience another culture and try new foods and talk to cultural representatives (she loves practicing her Italian on the waiters at Via Napoli) 🥰. But, when you have a super active kid that wants to be involved in a game or activity, this is a really fun add-on. They can be in charge of the hunt and sticker placement on the map. I didn’t realize how serious Tallulah took her job, but it was amazing to watch how she wanted to put the eggs on the right spot.

The prizes are cute! The main reason we got both maps to begin with was because the prizes for the Flower and Garden scavenger hunt were better (in my opinion) but the Easter adventure was better suited for Tallulah. This year, the festival’s completion prize is a pair of character plates... of course Tallulah picked Minnie. And the Easter Egg Hunt’s completion prize is a plastic character egg. Tallulah chose Mickey. Honestly, they’re all adorable prizes, and if you go into it knowing it will be a fun add-on experience to enhance your park day, the prizes are just icing on top of the cake.

TIP - you can pick up your prize(s) by taking you map to any of the above mentioned merchandise shops where you can purchase a map.

TIP - since you receive one prize per map, you could buy a map for each member of the family and get the whole prize collection at the end of the day. Or you could try the hunt again on your next trip and maybe start from the other end of World Showcase to keep it fresh for the kids.

All things considered, scavenger hunts are a really fun way to enjoy your Epcot day as a family. We totally recommend the experience, and look forward to the next scavenger hunt!

Are Epcot scavenger hunts on your theme park to do list?

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