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Five Reasons Why the Disney Skyliner is a Must-Ride!

The Disney Skyliner has quickly become our favorite mode of on-property transportation. There have been days recently where I want to go to the parks just to ride the Skyliner... it's that good!

In today's post, I'm sharing five key benefits of using the Disney Skyliner… and you don't even have to be staying at a Disney resort to join in on the fun!

1. Hopping between Hollywood Studios and Epcot has never been easier. - Park hopping is a blast, but can be somewhat challenging and dare I say, draining to get from here to there. But the Skyliner makes it so much fun! It beats the bus or boat any day in my book.

(TIP - You don't go through security until after you arrive at your park of choice, so no need to unpack your stroller before you ride.)

(TIP - If you're not staying at a resort hotel attached to the line, you can hop on at either the Epcot station at International Gateway (located just outside of the park between France and Canada) or Hollywood Studios outside of security and ride it to the other park. You'll need to switch rails at the main station at Caribbean Beach Resort to complete your journey to the other park.)

2. It’s the most peaceful mode of transportation on property. - Honestly I've been one of those locals that drives to each individual park while park hopping, because I don't love waiting on buses or cramming into other modes of transportation after a long day with fellow weary and weathered travelers. The Skyliner is so peaceful, it honestly feels like downtime. No engine noises to contend with and the calm continuous movement is about as close to a straight up nap you can get at Disney. For a momma going to the parks solo with a toddler, riding the Skyliner gives me some time to relax and refresh while Tallulah chills either in her stroller napping or taking in the views outside.

Trust me, it's a wonderful thing. Plus it allows for some quality family time since everyone in your party can fit in one vehicle. (FUN FACT - I've rode in a gondola once with six total adults, Tallulah and a stroller, and it didn't feel cramped. I of course prefer when we get the gondola to ourselves, but it really isn't bad when you are required to ride with another party. Everyone gets a seat, which is all the more refreshing)

3. If you have a single stroller you can just roll it right on board! - No longer will you need to walk onto Disney transportation juggling the belongings of your entire family, a folded stroller and your children! A single length stroller fits just perfectly in the middle of the gondola so it's pretty easy to let your kiddo chill in their stroller while you ride. That's some serious Disney magic!

(TIP - You have more time than you think to get on and off of the vehicle, but since it's continually moving, getting off with the stroller can seem a bit daunting. If you just pull the stroller straight back when you exit, you'll be set.) (TIP - if you have a double wide stroller, you unfortunately will need to break it down, because it's too wide to fit in the door. On the bright side, you will have more leg room with the stroller folded :))

4. It isn't as scary as it may appear. - I have had quite a few folks mention how hesitate they were to try it out from a height perspective and the fact that you're hanging in a pod seemingly far from communication. But Disney really thought it out and developed a very comfortable and safe way to get from here to there. I'll admit, I was a bit nervous to try the Skyliner out at first, but now that I've experienced it there's no turning back. (TIP - It does stop occasionally, so don't be alarmed if it does. They do a good job of communicating with you and letting you know when it's going to start back up. Also, it was nice to see that there's a call button if you need to quickly connect with a Cast Member for any reason along the way.)

(TIP - The gondolas with an exterior character wrap feel less open than the vehicles without a wrap, so if anyone in your party is a bit nervous, I recommend waiting to ride the wrapped vehicles. But if you like amazingly clear views, the unwrapped gondolas are my personal favorite.)

5. It feels like you're enjoying an attraction while getting from here to there. - Let's talk about efficiency... not only are you getting either from park to park, or from park to resort in a very timely fashion, but you're also essentially on a real live version of Peter Pan's Flight without the 60+ minute wait, and I'm here for it. Plus the ride lasts way longer than park rides, so kids and adults alike really can savor the sights, sounds and moments of peace while on the ride.

If you can't tell, I'm a fan of the Skyliner, and I have a feeling you will be too when you try it out! It's definitely an experience to remember!

(One final TIP, when we visited the Riviera Resort (a stop on the Epcot line) we found some of the most incredible mosaics at their Skyliner Station! It's worth stopping to take some pics and enjoy the scenery!)

If you've already tried the Skyliner, were there any aspects of the experience that surprised you? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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