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Jimmy Fallon tickets Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Jun 21

I don’t know who needs to hear this but this is your sign to go see The Tonight Show!! Here’s how…

How to get tickets

1iota is the best one-stop shop to sign up for show taping and other fan event tickets. Most of them are free.

They release tickets (a month to the day in advance) so be ready. They fill up fast and each show has a different max you can request.

From there, you’re entered into the pool. I’m not sure how they select folks, but I do know I’ve landed more tickets than not when I completed a full 1iota profile. This trip, I ended up scoring tickets to The Tonight Show, Kelly Clarkson, and Kelly & Mark. Unfortunately, Kelly & Mark canceled their filming day, and Kelly’s show interfered with my work schedule, but I got to go to Jimmy Fallon and it was SO fun!!!

Then comes the waiting game. You’ll be notified if you were selected, or you can look at the Your Requests section on your 1iota account.

Yay, you got the tickets, now what?

Your e ticket notes where and when to meet on show day. It also says they tend to overbook because they need a full audience and have to allow for cancellations. So, I definitely recommend getting there early. I was there about 2 hours before registration started to scope it out. There was already a line forming. But I think you’d be safe one hour early, though I wouldn’t chance it if it’s high on your list.

One great thing about The Tonight Show in particular is they queue up everyone inside. Some of the other shows have people line up outside, which seems a bit rough.

Next step is security. You enter up the stairs. You need to show your ID and ticket code MANY times, so have it handy. I recommend taking a screenshot of the code with your registration name visible. Some people had to deal with patchy wifi and it caused delays in check in.

Before the metal detector, they give you your wristband and ticket with entrance position. You need both to enter the studio.

Then you have about 45 minutes to an hour to hang out in the air-conditioned Peacock Lounge until the taping begins. That’s your last chance to use your phone and go to the bathroom. If you exit the theater for any reason, you can’t come back in.

Then comes the fun part. You go up the elevators in groups to the theater. Once you’re in the studio - it’s so surreal! A staff member seats everyone for the show.

You made it!!! You’re about to see the filming!

While the crew sets everything up, a comedian comes out to warm up the audience and explains the expectations: mainly have fun, laugh, and clap without shouting Jimmy’s name or being disruptive.

Then comes the best part! The Roots and Higgins come out and announce Jimmy, and you’re off! They record it mostly in real time. Sometimes they make some adjustments during breaks, but it’s really only 45 minutes to 1 hour of the show.

Have so much fun and enjoy every moment of it. I always liked Jimmy and The Roots, but interacting with them (I got to meet a few members of The Roots the next day in the Comcast Building, which was surreal), high-fiving Jimmy during the show, and seeing him do his thing on and off camera made me love them even more. He’s so genuine, and you can understand why his guests feel so comfortable with him. He really is a class act.

Then the show is done, and they dismiss you row by row. You exit through their shop, and the audience members get a discount, which is a nice unexpected perk.

That’s the Tonight Show experience. Every show has different rules but a similar setup from my experience. In LA years ago, we saw Jimmy Kimmel, and it was a similar setup but way less engaging. We had Conan tickets during that trip too, but unfortunately we got cut because we didn’t know the process. Since I don’t want that to happen to you, all of my tips are here! Hope that helps!

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