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Top 9 Things to do with a Toddler in Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

When I walked into Toy Story Land with Tallulah for the first time, I'm pretty sure I was acting more like a kid than she was! It is so adorably themed everywhere you look from your new perspective as a toy in Andy's backyard. It brought back those Toy Story 3 sentimental feels for sure!

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Since this area is definitely a stop you don't want to miss, I'm listing out what you can do in the land with your toddler. Since two of the three main attractions have height restrictions, I didn't know what to expect as far as whole family activities go, but there's definitely a lot to enjoy :)

- Visit all of the characters at their respective Meet and Greet locations throughout the land- As you probably know, we're big character meet and greet fans. Tallulah has been so good with them and genuinely seems to enjoy the experience. We're almost always up for stopping to meet a character (depending on the wait time:)).

Something I learned this past weekend when we visited was that the line for Bo Peep and Woody (they meet together) can be deceivingly long. It appears that they really take their time with each Guest, which of course I'm all for, but I would recommend asking a Cast Member the estimated wait time before you hop in line. From standing in my fair share of character lines, I would have guessed where we were at in the outdoor queue it would be about a 20-30 minute wait, a Cast Member told me it would be an hour from that point. That being said, I would definitely recommend meeting them, especially if you aren't traveling alone. Then one person can wait in line while the other keeps the toddler entertained :) (The photo above was our pseudo meet and greet since an hour wait on a hot day wasn't quite working for us.)

To meet Jessie and Buzz the lines are much shorter, probably due to the fact that they've been around for a while. They take their time as well and are so sweet to interact with.

- Enjoy the Atmosphere Entertainment - I love the energy in Toy Story Land. There is always something fun going on. Whether it's the Green Army Men performing in their drum line or playing a group game with Guests, they keep the energy high and the vibe really fun for everyone. It's definitely worth watching their performances and interacting when you can.

- Ride Toy Story Mania! - As I mentioned, only one out of the three rides in the land are suitable for all ages. If you're traveling with a baby or young toddler, Toy Story Mania! is the only ride you can do as a family. It's such a fun interactive ride where you earn points by hitting digital targets. I do have to warn you, baby wearing would have been very helpful when Tallulah first rode. It really whips the riders around, even with the lap bar, so I was holding her extra tight at every turn. She didn't seem to be phased by it though :)

There are seriously sooo many photo op locations in this area because of how beautifully themed it is! Some of our favorites are listed below...

- Take a photo with the Pixar Ball - located in front of Woody's Lunchbox

- Snap a picture with Woody at the Main Toy Story Land Entrance

(I had to throw in this pic of baby Tallulah on one of our first visits to Toy Story Land. She had a blast from the very beginning.)

- Pose for a photo at the Secondary Toy Story Land Entrance (Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Side)

- Find the #DisneyWall Popsicle Wall - located in the exit queue of Toy Story Mania! (TIP - There's a new way easier to access a Popsicle Wall. It's located on the left once you enter the land from the Star Wars side.)

- Don't forget the #DisneyWall Checkerboard Wall - located in the exit queue of Toy Story Mania!, directly across from the OG Popsicle Wall

- Stop for a photo with the Pizza Planet Guard Robots - located directly in front of the entrance of the Alien Swirling Saucers ride

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This area is a lot of fun! What is your favorite thing to do/what are you most looking forward to doing in this land? I'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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