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Castle Pics without Crowds - Tips and Locations Below

You’re at Magic Kingdom and you want a castle pic, but so do the other 10,000 people there… so what do you do?

I'm sharing our favorite epic castle spots that are predominantly crowd-free.

Orlando Florida Disney World Cinderella Prince Charming Daddy Daughter
Picture from the back of Cinderella Castle Walt Disney World

✨the walkways on either side of the castle - the right side starts at the Mirabel meet and greet (and has the wishing well) the left side starts by sleepy hollow! Bonus - if you’re there during the show time, you can wave to the characters before they’re on stage.

Walt Disney World Princess Dress Orlando
Cinderella Castle - left side walkway

Disney World Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle
I recommend stopping here (the walkway on the left of the castle) to watch the performers before they take the stage

✨the turrets on the left or right sides of the castle. They’re covered and you can get mainly crowd-free shots.

TIP - this area is perfect if you want a shaded break where you don't have to sacrifice views! I recommend chilling in the corner and having a snack break and just taking it all in :)

cinderella magic kingdom
Turret on side of castle

✨ the back of the castle is a way easier spot to photograph and bonus it’s not as blinding when taking pics midday.

Walt Disney World Orlando Disney Tips Autograph Book
Picture at the back of Cinderella Castle

✨ Photopass on the outskirts of the castle have great crowd-free views also! Like this spot right over the tomorrowland bridge. And as tempting as it is to stop at the first photopass photographer you see on Main Street, walk closer to the castle to stop, you'll be much happier with the pic IMO!

Walt Disney World Disney Photopass Mother Daughter Cinderella Castle Magic Kingdom
Tomorrowland Bridge Cinderella Castle Shot

TIP - I always recommend taking a video that you can pull pics from especially if you’re traveling with kids instead of setting up timer pics. Videos are way simpler and you may even capture a sweet not-posed moments and can find the moment when everyone is actually looking at the camera. I find this method extra helpful with I’m the solo adult traveling to the park with the kids!

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