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Publix Birthday Party Time!!

Y'all, when Vivian adamantly requested that her 3rd birthday be Publix themed, I can't tell you how happy I was! She is a Publix fan through and through and literally never wavered with the theme selection except for the minute she thought she may pivot to Elsa, but she realized real quick that Publix was the only thing she wanted!

I'm sharing all of the deets with you on how we threw this party in case you're looking for some Publix party inspo!

Publix 3 year old kids party inspo birthday party inspiration
Publix Themed Birthday Party for Vivian

First, I have to give major props to our amazing local Publix team! They went above and beyond and provided us with signage that was about to be discarded as well as name tags, swag and they even printed Vivian a birthday sign on a BOGO ad! They made the experience extra amazing and we're always so grateful for them and who they are!

Publix Cake
I usually have specific requests when it comes to cake design but I asked the bakery team to make it as Publix as possible and they crushed it!

As far as party details go, We knew we had to have Publix colors balloons of course, but we wanted to sprinkle in some grocery store fun throughout the party for the adults and kids in attendance!

For the adults, we had a little Supermarket Sweep/Price is Right guessing game. I put different items that would be small enough to fit in these little green carts I bought from temu, then added a Publix "P" to with my cricut. Then everyone guessed the Publix price for the item and whoever was closest without going over won a $5 Publix gift card.

For the kids, we brought the girls' play grocery store to the kitchen, and gave it a Publix logo to seal the deal. We bought Vivian's favorite snack and put them in the store.

Then using the reusable mini bags I added a Publix "P" to on my circut, all guests could shop at Vivian's Publix as their goody bag. She rang everyone out and had the time of her life living her Publix dream!

Tallulah's dream is to be the baker who hands out the kids cookies at Publix, so she got to be in charge of handing out the cookies to all of our guests.

Publix Party
Publix Cookies

Naturally we ordered lots of Publix platters including PubSubs and popcorn chicken to seal the deal and our guests arrived in cute Publix attire!

We had so much fun celebrating Vivian in such a unique way! Looking at how far God has brought our little preemie, is such a blessing. So happy we could create a Publix birthday party t0 make her day extra special! Happy birthday sweet girl! Being with you is always a pleasure!

Restock Publix Party Inspo
Vivian's Publix

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