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Discovering Ancient Lore Village: A Magical Adventure for the Whole Family

Are you looking for a unique and enchanting getaway that your whole family can enjoy? We found it, and you don’t even have to leave the US!! Ancient Lore Village in Knoxville, Tennessee is a magical destination designed to transport visitors to a world of myths and legends. This immersive experience is perfect for children and adults, offering a variety of activities that spark the imagination and create lasting family memories!

Ancient Lore Village
Our Pixie Family Outside of Bokee"s Bungalow

You know we always do our best to come dressed according to the theme, so our fairy family was having so much fun!! TIP - even if you don’t go for a full blown costume, I brought some liquid glitter eyeshadow and a white eyeliner pencil for my girls and gave theme some really easy pixie makeup and they had soo much fun rocking it!!

Pixie Glitter Makeup

Ancient Lore Village is a themed resort that feels like you're stepping into a storybook. With whimsical cottages, lush gardens, and breathtaking views, the village is inspired by ancient myths and fairy tales. In fact, you may just feel like you entered Middle Earth in the middle of the US! Every corner of the village is designed to captivate and delight, making it an ideal destination for families with young adventurers.

Ancient Lore Village

1. Screen-Free Experience - Let’s face it, we’re all surrounded by screens most of the day. Oftentimes two or more at once. We loved that there are no TVs or screens in the room/resort. It gave us the space we needed to refresh and recharge as a family and really enjoy quality time exploring the incredible village. Every detail of the village is so carefully thought out, it's dreamy just to be on property! There are two options to visit, you can either stay at one of their incredible villa/cottages/bungalows and have the fully immersive experience, or you can purchase a day pass to enjoy the ambiance of the village without staying over.

Ancient Lore Village Family
Screen-Free Family Time!

2. Lodging - We had the opportunity to stay in Bokee's Bungalow, the perfect spot for families. It can accommodate up to 8 people! The bunk beds were a major hit with our girls and the ambiance was next level.

Ancient Lore Village
Bokee's Bungalow

When booking, you can opt for the in-room continental breakfast and chef inspired farm to table dinner in the dining hall. Both were excellent!

Ancient Lore Village Meal
Our Breakfast Nook in Bokee's Bungalow

Fun surprise incoming… quite a few treehouse villas are currently being added to the property and will be available to book in late 2024. They’ll be the perfect spot for families to unwind and take in the ambiance of Ancient Lore Village.

3. For guest ages 10+ archery and axe throwing can be added to your experience! And we totally recommend it! We appreciated so much how the Ancient Lore team came via golf cart to our room for Michael and I to swap out during the experience since kids aren’t allowed in the range area for safety reasons. It still gave us a chance to experience it without missing a beat with the girls.

Ancient Lore Village

4. For guests of all ages, Gremlin Gameyard is such a fun spot to play giant jenga, connect four and cornhole. Our family had so much fun enjoying all that this area had to offer. Plus it’s located at the top of the village so the views are dreamy!

Connect Four Jenga Cornhole Ancient Lore Village

5. Exploring the gardens - one of the most breathtaking parts of the property are the stunning gardens and grounds. The girls especially loved watching the honey bees up close pollinating.

Ancient Lore Village
Exploring the gardens

Between the two waterfalls and the gorgeous gardens throughout, it’s so peaceful to walk through the property. If you’re staying for a longer amount of time than we did (we stayed one night) they even offer hiking trails that are family friendly!

Ancient Lore Village Family

TIPS for visiting with kids…

1. Book Early: Ancient Lore Village is a popular destination, especially during school holidays. Be sure to book your accommodation and activities well in advance.

2. Bring your pack and play: at this time, they don’t offer pack and plays in the rooms (hopefully that will be coming with the addition of the treehouse villas) so come prepared with your own if you need one. Or if you’re staying at Bokee’s bungalow you could use the bottom bunk and bring a barrier like a pool noodle or use extra pillows under the sheets :)

3. Join the Activities: Encourage your kids to participate in the activities for a more immersive experience. On weekends they tend to offer more so check their event calendar for upcoming offerings. When we were checking out a fairy was out starting garden tours with kids.

4. Capture the Magic: Don’t forget your camera! There are countless photo opportunities throughout the village and you’re going to want to capture it all. Since it's quiet and there aren't a lot of people walking the grounds intentionally, I recommend bringing a quick and easy tripod for family pics.

Ancient Lore Village

A visit to Ancient Lore Village is more than just a vacation; it’s an opportunity to step into a world of wonder and create lasting memories with your family. Whether your children are captivated by the magic of myths or love exploring new places, Ancient Lore Village offers an unforgettable adventure for all ages. Plan your visit today and let the enchantment begin!

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This place is beyond gorgeous and looks amazing to just explore!!

Love that it’s located in the US!!

For families with toddlers who love to run around and explore new places, what amount of time do you think we could book here and still keep the kiddos entertained?

Long weekends?

Or full week trips?

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Amanda Batts
Amanda Batts
7 days ago
Contestando a

Great question! (And you're so right with how gorgeous it is!!)

With the location being so close to so many major Knoxville/Pigeon Forge hot spots, you could absolutely make a week of it as your home base and area to relax and recharge. I would definitely recommend a minimum of two nights. We were just starting to settle in when we had to start packing up since we were only there for a night :)

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